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Newcomers Guide

Newcomers Guide 2010 - Mount Vernon, Franklin County Texas

Newcomer's Guide 2010
  • 2010 Franklin County Newcomer's Guide - Page 1B
  • Indexes - Page 2B
  • City of Mount Vernon ruled by city council - Page 3B
  • County is grassroots level of the peoples' government - Page 4B
  • Limousin Oak Trails - Page 5B
  • County's economy developed with a "broad brush" effort - Page 6B
  • Farm Bureau - Page 7B
  • Chamber of Commerce supports local businesses - Page 8B
  • Mission Manor Nursing Home - Page 9B
  • Learning experiences offered at county library - Page 10B
  • Airport ready for expansion when demand increases - Page 11B
  • Overnight or a lifetime, the right accommodations are available - Page 12B
  • ETMC Mount Vernon is a Level IV trauma care center- Page 13B
  • Doctors available for family health care needs - Page 14B
  • Franklin County Water District is governed by a board of directors - Page 15B
  • Special Utility District provides fresh water to rural areas - Page 16B
  • Local veterinarians nurture all animals - Page 17B
  • Franklin County is in the heart of "East Texas Lake Country" - Page 18B
  • Lakes and Parks continued - Page 19B
  • Voting maps - Page 20B
  • Assistance programs are available from various agencies - Page 21B
  • Where to go, what to do to get various utility services - Page 22B
  • Utility services continued - Page 23B
  • District, county, justice, and municipal courts keep balance - Page 24B
  • Help for farm, home owners available from agricultural agencies - Page 25B
  • Area schools offer quality education, modern technology - Page 26B
  • Schools continued - Page 27B
  • Schools continued - Page 28B
  • Schools continued - Page 29B
  • Events provide break from everyday life, focus on fun - Page 30B
  • Events continued - Page 31B
  • Events continued - Page 32B
  • Events continued - Page 33B
  • Events continued - Page 34B
  • Local civic, service, social organizations fit interests- Page 35B
  • Clubs continued - Page 36B
  • Clubs continued - Page 37B
  • Guide to historic homes in Mount Vernon, Franklin County - Page 38B
  • Historic homes continued - Page 39B
  • Clubs continued - Page 40B

To read the complete 2010 Newcomer's Guide in this week's Mount Vernon Optic-Herald click here. Warning, this file is approximately 4.5 megabytes in size.