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Comment Policy

Comment policy

The goal of the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site has always been civil speech and devotion to the truth, even when discussing those to whom we are opposed. Especially then. Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site is a public news site. We have a purpose to bring the news and issues to the public of Mount Vernon and Franklin County: to try to undo the misinformation by laying out the facts as best as we can. We have opened up this comment system to pool our knowledge and work as a group to hopefully create a better environment for Mount Vernon and Franklin County which all of us can live, work and play in.

Our discussions require tolerance and politeness, so that we can focus on our goal. We do not need hatefulness, or crudity, or venom. The truth is enough. While we welcome your comments, kindly keep them on the topics at hand. We reserve the right to moderate, although we have no duty to do so. You are responsible for your comments. This is a news site, and we work as a community to improve communications and community spirit. Therefore, divisive topics are at times required, but can be discussed in a reasonable manner. Remember to speak to each other with a civil tongue. Only with honest and open communications will we achieve our goals. We would like everyone to feel at home, please join us and help to create the open communications that are required to enhance our community.

Consequently, we will delete any nasty or obscene remarks, any obvious trolling, any personal attacks, any illegal suggestions, any URLs to loathsome content or dangerous or annoying scripts, at a minimum. We reserve the right to remove user accounts as well. We will also remove misleading or incorrect statements, and no permission is granted to any such persons to reproduce the content of the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site. Please do not leave links to any such web sites either. We do not want the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site used for that, nor do we waive our author's moral rights. The Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site is copyrighted by the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald.

Comments on the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site are copyrighted by their authors and no one may copy, modify, reproduce, index (including comment message numbers and thread pointers), or distribute the comments from this site or deep link to comments on this site without permission. An occasional link in accord with fair use is acceptable.

So, no defamation. No threats. No profanity. No pretending you do not work for a company being discussed, if you do. Be honest, please, and participate as who you are. No unsupported insults/allegations. No false statements of fact, please. No comment spam. Humor is okay, within reason, but this a working site, not a playpen. We are trying to avoid distractions. If you just want to hang out and act silly, please do so -- but somewhere else. Puns and other word play and parody are not silly and are always welcome. Please remember that the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site has a purpose that we believe is serious and important. We want them to feel comfortable here and to be undistracted from our purpose in inviting you here.

Here's a list of the basic things we would request you to remember:


  1. Please do not respond to Trolls.
  2. do not be a Troll either.
  3. No foul language or links to porn or other such things. That includes initials and ****s. We can figure it out, and it is no different in effect therefore. We just really do not enjoy reading that day after day. So if you would humor us, we'd be very grateful.
  4. No images are to be uploaded.
  5. No ads.
  6. No violations of anyone's copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or patents. That would mean, in addition to other things, do not post entire articles without the author's permission.
  7. Please do not post anyone's private email without permission. It is not nice. It is also a violation of copyright. Especially do not post anyone's email address (or real world address either) without permission. They will get spam, and you know how awful that is.
  8. No personal attacks on anyone, friend, foe, or each other. We want Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site to always be a pleasant site, where we can relax and enjoy each other, to enhance our community and enjoy the interaction with our fellow citizens. If we are civil to each other and follow the Golden Rule, we'll all enjoy the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site.
  9. Disparate viewpoints are fine, as long as they are expressed politely and are not designed to troll. We are the final arbiter of what we think constitutes trolling, because somebody has to be. And it is our site, so we have to be the one who decides. We try to be fair and to distinguish between trolls and new folks who just aren't up to speed yet on the stories. We are virtually guaranteed to make mistakes sometimes, ( as we are not perfect ). But we'll do our best. If you do not enjoy the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site, you are free to start your own website, but you are not free to disrupt ours.
  10. No suggestions to do anything illegal or instructions on how to do so or links to material that is illegal or promotes illegal activities.
  11. Please remember that those who are not necessarily friendly to Mount Vernon Optic-Herald visit too. Please keep that in mind and use good judgment.
  12. No political flames or religious flames. The stating of opinions is fine as long as they are stated in a civil manner. Flames will be deleted as we find them or are reported to us. The Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site is not the appropriate place as we work to open communication between all the people of our community.
  13. Do not give opinions as fact, if you have facts that are not known or have not been reported, please contact us, so we can research and find the information that needs to be brought to the publics attention.

If you see a comment that is offensive or that violates our standards, please email us and let us know. This is a site run by Mount Vernon Optic-Herald, so we depend on you to let us know when there is a problem needing our attention. If you leave a comment and later wish you could delete it, if you contact us, we will try to do it for you. If you send us a list of a hundred comments, we won't have time for something like that, so think before you hit the send button. You grant the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald the right to display your comments on the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald web site by leaving them, and we have no obligation to delete comments for any reason. We reserve the right to expand this list as needed, so check back here for updates, which will hopefully be very few.

Troll - In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. In addition to the offending poster, the noun “troll” can also refer to the provocative message itself, as in that was an excellent troll you posted. While the term troll and its associated action, trolling, are primarily associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels highly subjective, with 'trolling' being used to describe many intentionally provocative. Reference from Wikipedia,

Flame - Flaming (also known as bashing) is hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. Flaming usually occurs in the social context of a discussion board, by e-mail and on Video-sharing websites. It is usually the result of the discussion of heated real-world issues like politics, sports, religion, and philosophy, or of issues that polarise subpopulations. Internet trolls frequently set out to incite flame wars for the sole purpose of offending or irritating other posters. Flaming is usually carried out by individuals known as flamers, who are specifically motivated to incite flaming. These users specialize in flaming, as opposed to the less-professional trolls. Reference from Wikipedia.