Public Notices


State of Texas
County of Franklin

By Virtue of an Order of Sale Dated December 13, 2019, and issued pursuant to a Judgment of the District Court of Franklin County, Texas, by the Clerk of said Court on said date, in the hereinafter numbered and styled suit and to me directed and delivered as Sheriff of said County, I have on January 30, 2020, seized, levied upon, and will, on the first Tuesday in March, 2020, the same being the 3rd day of said month, at the Southside steps of the Franklin County Courthouse of said County, in the City of Mount Vernon, Texas, between the hours of 10 o’clock a.m. and 4 o’clock p.m. on said date, beginning at 10:00 a.m.,  proceed to sell for cash to the highest bidder all the right, title and interest of the Defendant in such suit in and to the following described real estate levied upon as the property of said defendant, the same lying and being situated in the County of Franklin and State of Texas, to-wit:
Suit Number 12575
Tall Tree Property Owners Association, Inc., Plaintiff,  vs. Kirk Isbell, Defendant, 62nd Judicial District Court,  Franklin County, Texas.  Property:  Lot 82,  Tall Tree East Subdivision of  Franklin County, Texas, lying in the J.D. Nelson Survey, Abstract No. 355, Franklin County, Texas, under Judgment in the original total sum of $5,843.56 (including a principal sum of $5,457.72 with court costs and prejudgment interest) all thereafter with interest at 5% per annum from December 13, 2019, the date of judgment until paid;
And the property sold shall be subject to any other and further rights to which the defendants or anyone interested therein maybe be entitled under the provisions of law.  Said sale to be made by me to satisfy the judgment rendered in the above-styled and numbered cause, together with interest, penalties and costs of suit, and the proceeds of said sale to be applied to the satisfaction thereof and the remainder, if any, to be applied as the law directs.

Dated at Mount Vernon, Texas, January 30, 2020.
Ricky Jones, Sheriff,
Franklin County, Texas
By:  Deputy Brantin Carr

Note:  The Minimum Bid is the lesser of the amount awarded in the judgment plus interests and costs or the adjudged value.  However, the Minimum Bid for a person owning an interest in the property or for a person who is a party to the suit is the aggregate amount of the judgment against the property plus all costs of suit and sale.  There may be property taxes due on the property which have been assessed since the date of the judgment.  For more information, contact your attorney or B.F. Hicks, attorney for plaintiff (903-537-2264).