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Public Notice - FCWD - 04/22/2021


Pursuant to Section 51.129 of the Texas Water Code, notice is hereby given that on the 20th day of April 2021, the Board of Directors of Franklin County Water District (the “District”) adopted amendments to the Rules and Regulations of Franklin County Water District (“Rules”), which contain provisions relating to construction on District property and District determinations under the Rules, including: (a) prohibiting the construction or improvement of any structure across two tracts of land in certain circumstances; and (b) any determination made under the Rules is made in the District’s sole discretion.  In particular, the Rules also provide the following:

Article XIII is modified to prohibit the construction or improvement of any building, structure or improvement where such structure is located crossing tract boundary lines where one tract is owned by the District, and the other tract is owned in fee simple by another individual or entity.

Article XX is modified to state that that District make any determination under the Rules in its sole discretion, including approval or denial of any request or application, and may consider any factor it deems relevant to such decision.

Pursuant to Texas Water Code § 51.128, the Rules shall be recognized by the courts as if they are penal ordinances of a city, and any breach of the Rules may subject the violator to a penalty, default of a District lease, or revocation of a District permit.  Each violation of the Rules constitutes a Class C Misdemeanor.

This notice is a summary statement of the District’s Rules and does not contain all of the specific provisions and requirements established by the Rules.  A copy of the Rules is on file in the office of the District, 112 N Houston Street, Mount Vernon, Texas 75457 where it may be read by any interested person.
By:Gary Cunningham, President
    Board of Directors